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Artwork like this may be appropriate for your particular trade or service. I have included samples throughout this site to give you an idea.

It’s been stated websites nowadays should be entertaining as well as informative.

It doesn’t matter as long as they include the following:

You have all the email addresses for now. (you can add as you go)

Your business is Googled with Console, Analytics Maps and your own YouTube channel containing a couple of videos.

They contain a schema with a good DA and PA.

They are linked to a Dropbox containing all the relevant information (like your client’s selections) your workers will need to complete their component.

Everyone loves a specialist!

When it’s important price is secondary. Heart surgeons are not ambulance chasers.

It is clear from your website the Who, What, Where, When and how much.

Who you are?  “A specialist in industrial type residential housing”

The what? “undertaking housing with an industrial look”,

The where? “mainly in the inner suburbs”

How much? “in the $300 – $500K range.

With a statement like that you’ll attract the customers you want.

If you wish to get the ball rolling today we can start by registering your domain name and getting the templates loaded on the net. They take a few weeks to populate / propagate anyway so you can add as you go. That way your site is dynamic, constantly changing like life.

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