This is a good time to tweak your key words and narrative. A good source is free sites like

This video is how you want your website to be found but of course it’s competing with all the others. I recommend saying what you do and the location you wish to work.

I recently worked for ILS Builders and they are located in Ballajura.

Type in the Google search bar “builders ballajura”.

That’s the result we aim for.

What GMB needs is:

Business name exactly as you want it to appear on Search and Maps.
Business address including city/town, state/region, zip / post code.
Business phone (mobile is fine if you’ve used 04**or or 61 4*** use it on GMB)
Business e-mail e.g. or
Business owner as registered with ASIC
Website URL

If you haven’t transferred to the new url’s without the .com do so now if you wish.
Description e.g. Residential Builder Home Improvements (exactly as you want it to appear in search and maps)
Company logo
Opening Hours

The GMB needs to be complete with all boxes like “about” etc. filled out.

I stress the point exactly as GMB as a computer server may think it’s just a similar business and not identify it if there are dissimilarities.

It’s also important for us to get a good Domain Authority and enter a Schema (what search engines look for) so your site is easily found by all the search engines.

Check type in a url. Try this one and click on local business, you’ll find all the information of this business.

Another thing that’s important to being found on the net is your Domain Authority (DA).

A free add-on for browsers like Chrome and Brave is where you can view your page authority (PA) and your DA like:

This website has a Domain Authority of 53 and a Page Authority of 24 compare this to your competitors.

Another good free tool is

Where you can view other similar websites and view information like links that may be useful including in your site.


Of course this is the SEO we do before handover.

CWCS flying the flag for Small Business

The Google My Business (GMB) posts are good for keeping the business alive like updates on Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

It remains dynamic, constantly changing like life.

Of course they can be the same post copied and pasted with picture.


You may decide you need another email name like accounts or admin which we’ll be happy to do for you.

We provide 90 days hosting and from there you can continue as is, or get your own hosting account. That’s right no locked in contracts for two years. 90 days will ensure that all’s well.

Round about now you’ll receive a credit from Google for $150 of advertising. It’ll give your new site a boost. Linkedin is good and you can reach a lot of customers quickly and it’s free.
See this YouTube clip.

YouTube video
Google your Business 1

READ ON click here

Google your Business 2
Google your Business 3
Google your Business 4

One more catch Up?

Maybe it’s time to meet again and review what’s been done to date and tweak the design and publish. There might be new ideas come to mind or maybe some new avenues to explore and put up the links on the website. You may also have a few more key words that could be added to the SEO search, who knows it’s all rewarding stuff.